Why you need a professional party planner

Professional events vs. DIY events tend to come up when potential clients are interviewing an event planner. The one question that always comes up: “Why I should hire you when I can plan the event by myself?”

Clients may think that planning an event is so easy that they can do it by themselves, or have their secretary do it. For small events such as a family party — where the number of attendees is pretty limited, it is easy enough to plan. When you are talking about larger events or business events, there are so many aspects that you need to think about that many DIY planners tend to miss something significant or end up going over their allocated budget — meaning they have to sacrifice something. And while there are DIY event planners who do pay attention to detail, they may not have enough creative flair. No matter if you’ve got a good eye for detail, there are so many things that DIY event planners can miss that a professional event planner will not miss.

Events — particularly fantastic events, take a lot of effort and work. Read on to discover why you need a professional party planner.

The Cost

You may think that it would be much cheaper to plan an event by yourself. While there is a fee to pay for party planners at the outset, there are more benefits to consider when it comes to their services. A well-experienced event planner will have formed a good professional relationship with suppliers and venues — often getting special prices and discounts that can be passed along to you. You, on the other hand, won’t have this relationship and so would end up spending more. A seasoned planner will also know where you can cut costs and where you shouldn’t, which again, saves the client money.

Experience and Knowledge

Professional event planners will not just have good working relationships with suppliers and venues, but will have years of knowledge on the organization of event planning. They will know just who to call on to supply whatever is needed, whereas DIY planners will most probably find themselves struggling. Experienced planners will have the knowledge of where things are most likely to go wrong, and what is the most appropriate thing to do in order to prevent them.


It is extremely stressful to plan an event — especially if there will be a large number of people attending. Why would you want to deal with all the stress when you can pass on the responsibility – and the headache – to a team who are knowledgeable about what to do and what not to do? This leaves you to enjoy the event yourself. Even if you don’t expect any problems occurring at your DIY event, the stress of trying to avoid it all can ruin your enjoyment.


When planning an event, everything comes down to time. There are numerous things that need to be done on time, checked, confirmed and arranged — and for many DIY event planners, this can be overwhelming. Professionals, on the other hand, know just when everything needs to be checked and confirmed by, ensuring your event goes smoothly.