What kind of events do Singapore companies like to run?

Singapore is well-known for its love of events and its wide range of venues to cater any kinds of events—both off-line and online. Read on to discover the top events that Singaporean companies like to run.

Online Events

Online events connect the participants and presenters/speakers via web-based interface. They can be done on-demand or in real time, usually lasting up to an hour for each speaker or presenter. Online events are known for its cost-effectiveness and global reach. They can take the form of live streaming events, virtual events, and webinars.


Webinars consist of workshops, discussions, and presentations that are accessed through the web, and can happen on-demand or in real time. Webinars allow participants to discuss information relating to the selected topic, and interact with others via web-based conference tools and software. Each speaker or presenter’s time can last between thirty to sixty minutes.

Virtual Events

Combining interactive features, networking, and education, virtual events have the feel and look of real time events, but allows participants from all over the world to join in and interact with others from different areas. Upon signing into a virtual event, participants can interact with staff, discuss information with others and collect on-line swag. Virtual events are usually held in real time.

Live Streaming Events

For companies who have a global reach, live streaming events can be viewed by participants wherever they may be. They can be streamed using a simple webcam, or with a complete crew to ensure a better quality of broadcasting. Google+ Hangouts, UStream, and Livestream are a few companies offering live services with social media and chat functions, as well as recording functions.

Offline Events

Offline events have always been popular with Singaporean companies since it allows people to interact in person, and therefore build a relationship face-to-face. It gives your company much more of an impact with prospective clients and customers. However, offline events do take a lot more planning than online events.


Trade shows consist of a gathering of people who are into a particular profession or industry. Businesses can participate in or sponsor tradeshows to promote their brand, to establish new relationships with customers and other companies within the industry, or to launch new services and products.


Conferences are particular popular in Singapore. Companies belonging to particular sectors come together to listen to information, usually for educational and/or training purposes. This kind of event generally involves a large number of companies who will send their representatives.

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Seminars are often considered as smaller versions of conferences, field events, and roadshows. The presenter or speaker usually take on a more formal tone in delivering educational and training information. They are somewhat similar to a classroom experience.

Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner events tend to focus on a smaller group, both for prospective and existing customers and clients. The numbers for these events can vary from around ten people or can be as large as fifty. Smaller events allow for private networking for higher level employees while in larger events, leadership talks and presentations can take place.

Event companies such as Se7enFriday can help you with planning events in Singapore. Other popular events among Singaporean include gala dinnerdance parties, sporting events, and overseas retreats.