What are the best ways to sell tickets to my events?

Your event has been approved, you’ve got your budget sorted out—now it’s time to sell those tickets. When it comes to selling tickets to your event, there are several ways you can do this to maximize the number of attendees. Of course if you are already employing the service of an event management company, you won’t need to worry about this.


Peatix is a great way of selling tickets to people who are interested in the specific industry or type of event you are holding. Go to the website and create a group that is centered on the type of event. Attract people who are interested to join the group. As you continue growing your numbers, inform your members of new events as you arrange them, via notifications through the app and Peatix email.

Peatix has its own app in which you can sell your tickets. Available on both iOS and Android, the app gives an additional boost to your ticket sales. Through the platform, most companies sell 20% of their tickets to events. The process is extremely simple – just head to the website, build a page dedicated to your event – which you can include videos and images – and start offering your tickets. It only takes around three minutes to do.


EventBrite is a great website where you can sell tickets to your events. It features a wide range of functions, including overall reports, how much money has been raised, a secure payment processor that accepts both debit and card cards along with PayPal, tracking sales features, and the ability to send emails and invitations 24/7. In addition to these, the free app allows you to scan tickets and check-in attendees and is completely free regardless of size.


Meetup is a great way of advertising your event to people from all around the world and locally. It was established to bring people together, throughout different cities around the world, who were interested in the same things. The best way of using Meetup to sell your event tickets is to start a group. Registration and establishing groups are free for all, but the group organizer is required to pay for a subscription to run their group. Prices can vary from area to area. Some members are charged for joining a group, but this will vary from one group to another. The fee can be found on the left-hand side of the group’s main page. The event fee can be found there too.

Through Your Website

Your own website is the best marketing tool you can have when it comes to selling event tickets. You can either create a new page dedicated to the event and tickets, or you can create an entirely new website just for it. Somewhere on the page you will need to have a link to where interested people can purchase their tickets. It is also a good idea to have social media sharing buttons on it as well, especially after they have purchased their tickets, so they can share with their friends and encourage others to attend.