What are the best event management systems out there?

Events can take a lot of energy, a lot of planning and a lot of filing. Therefore, even the most experienced event management companies rely on various systems to help them keep all their documents, tasks assigned, contact lists etc. altogether to reduce their load. Read on to discover some of the best event management systems out there.


The title of best event management software on the market has long been awarded to Bizzabo. Used by thousands of companies around the world, it helps to manage your contact management details, event marketing, event apps, event registration and maximize all other aspects of professional events. For years running, it was declared the Favorite Event Tech Supplier by the People’s Choice Award.

Event Rok

As with Bizzabo, Event Rok by Aqxolt was declared the Favorite Event Tech Supplier by the People’s Choice Award and is one of the best management software solutions for professional events. Again, thousands of event organizers worldwide use this to deal with registrations, marketing, management, and a variety of other aspects that need to be dealt with.


No event would be complete without great catering. Caterease is the best event and catering planning software on the market. Perfect for events of all sizes, both small and large, it boasts a range of features designed to make things simple for your planning. Easy to use, it helps you to save both money and time, preventing costly and common mistakes, and therefore increasing your productivity, making it one of the most popular apps for event organizers.


For event organizers planning on streamlining their corporate events, Azavista is the perfect app to use. Through this app, you can manage the attendees’ registration, integrate your marketing and CRM systems, arrange more than one event at a time, and many more. It allows you to increase the attendance rates for your event, improves communication, and increases your efficiency.


Attendify is an affordable, fun, and easy to use app for those wanting to generate a winning mobile event app in a short amount of time. All the apps powered by Attendify—which includes AstraZeneca, Chrysler, and Google—have a range of features designed for sponsors and attendees to discuss content, form relationships, as well as delivering analytics and sponsor ROI.


EventsCase is a great all-in-one app designed for helping to manage every aspect of planning an event. From project management, advanced analytics, emailing, award solutions, meeting scheduler, areas for private discussions, networking, community areas, event apps, on-site registrations, tickets, event registrations, event websites, and much more, EventsCase is one of the most popular apps used by event management companies.


Zipster has long held a reputation for being one of the best event management systems on the market. It is known for its event analytics, its cloud guest-list apps, its online invitations, and its reliability. Launched in 2009, more than 12 million attendees around the world have checked into events, conferences, fundraisers, and galas using Zipster.