The difference between production and operation in event management industry

It can often be difficult to understand the differences between operation management and production management within the event management industry. Sometimes it appears that production management is within the operation management, but in reality they are distinctive and separate entities within the event management field. Read on to discover the differences between the two.


What is Operations Management?

Operation management is generally accepted as the designing and planning of business operations with the services and manufacturing goods industry, as well as the supervision and study of various activities within it. The overall goal of operation management is to minimize wastage, and increase effectiveness and efficiency within business operations. Operation management will try to increase the productivity in operations, whilst at the same time reducing the amount of resources. The focus within operations management is on the process instead of the products or people involved. In conclusion, operation management is driven by the physical resources in order to provide a complete and desired product to the market.


What is Production management?

On the other hand, production management in manufacturing will focus on more on producing services and goods, concentrating on the input from the output. It features a variety of different activities and aspects that turn the raw materials in a completed, ready to go production. Some people consider production management to be a subdivision of the operation management system because it includes so many overlapping features such as operation control, inventory management, production control and planning etc.—whereas production management comprises management activities such as both the updating and administration of the production system and designing.


How and why do they differ?

The operations management tend to focus on the execution, the planning, and the administration of producing both services and goods, as well as attempting to reduce the amount of resources used whilst increasing the levels of output. In contrast, production management tends to focus on the levels of input and output, in order to create a complete product or service, ready for buyers to purchase.

There have been three developments that have resulted in the separation of production and operation management. They are the production factory system, the large corporations, and the scientific management.

Production management in the events industry did not occur until large corporations. Before event management companies, the owners of the corporations would hire specific teams to do the work themselves. However, as time went on, businesses grew and the need for event management companies expanded rapidly, there was a pressing need for production managers. The third development occurred from the techniques developed—both from profits and performance views.


Managing operation and production are key to successful events

In conclusion, we can clearly see that the operation management and the production management side of things are both equally as important to each other, especially when increasing the levels of productivity and efficiency in events management. You should have a clear understanding of how an event management company handle their operation and production to deliver top events, as every agency has their own way of doing things.

Some of the work involved for production managers in the events industry includes handling VIP tickets and seating, liaising with stage managers, managing finances and staying within budget, attending meetings with speakers and presenters, and assigning tasks to management and technical staff to guarantee a smooth event.