How to organize and host TEDx events for your industry

TEDx (Technology, Entertainment, Design) events can be incredibly worthwhile and are extremely popular, but what are they? They are local gatherings featuring TED-like videos and talks that have already been recorded with communities from other TED conferences.

TEDx is a non-profit organization that offers free distribution of material devoted to “ideas worth spreading”. Each TEDx event is organized independently and are unique but have various aspects in common. TEDx events are popular but it does take a lot of preparation and organization.

Decide on the Type of Event

The first step in organizing your event is to decide what type of event you wish to have. There are several different events to choose from, including Standard, University, Youth, ED, Salon, TEDxLive, TEDxWomen, Business, Internal, Library, and Level 2. Before you reach for the form, you have to choose which one is the best for your event.

Decide on a Name

You will then need to decide on a name for you event. It should be a reflection of the educational or community institution that fits your event.

Apply for the Event Early

Ideally, you should apply for a date that is several months in advance. It takes at least three months minimum to plan your event once the license has been granted so that your speakers/presenters are given time to prepare their material. It can take up to eight weeks to get your TEDX event license approved, but once it has been reviewed and agreed, you still have an entire year to plan the event. You do need to be sensible regarding time. Does the date you propose provide you with enough time to get everything planned? Will your presenters/speakers have enough time to gather their research and practice their speeches? Are there other TEDX events close to your location around the same time? These are all things you need to bear in mind when applying for a TEDX event.

Create a Theoretical Program

You will be asked to provide a minimum of three theoretical programs in your application for talks you would present. The organization is well aware that event plans can change at a whim, but by providing examples of ideas of programs you could include in you event, helps to speed up your application.

Look for Concepts

You don’t need to have your presenters lined up during the application process, but you will need to show examples of talks you have ideas for. What do you think your industry’s community are going to learn or be interested in? Are there any unrecognized solutions, insights, or research that haven’t been highlighted at other events?

Show Variety

TEDX events shouldn’t be restricted to just a single area. Include a diverse range of topics/talks to be discussed at your event. However, you shouldn’t make any obvious links between these talks. Themed events should ideally be abstract with talks linked together in subtle ways.

Send Off, but…

Before sending your application for your TEDX license, you should save a backup copy of it. That’s it. Good luck with your application, or allow us to help you with planning a conference in Singapore or conduct a seminar abroad!