How to master online event marketing and planning

Consumers run today’s world. Therefore, it is vital that marketers are able to grab all opportunities to create a trusting relationship with prospective clients, customers, and buyers, along with generating goodwill. Clients and buyers want more than a simple sales talk when it comes to making an important decision—they want a relationship with a brand, to communicate with them, to get to know their personality, their prospective and the focus of that brand. As a result, event planning is a vital part of any company, making both online and offline events necessary for the bottom line of any company.

Running a Competition to Increase the Hype

Contests bring a lot of potential buyers and attendees to events by offering prizes to someone. One of the most popular and easiest ways of doing this is by having them share a photo with a hashtag of the event on their social media. To encourage people to share, the photo with the most likes will get the prize. Otherwise you could offer a prize to a random person who comments on your status. You can choose anything for your prize—a Starbucks gift card, a VIP experience, free tickets—if the prize is good, then people will be willing to share the event. You can run a contest on any social media outlet that you like, or directly through your website.

Reaching out to Influencers

Influencers are a great way to market your online events and get the message out that, especially since they generally work for free. However, because they are free, most influencers are extremely busy and cannot take everyone’s requests. Whilst most companies tend to message 100 influencers with a generic request, choose the top 25 influencers who fit best for your brand and/or event. Look at the content they provide, research what they can and can’t do, and then contact them with a personalized message. If you have the material ready for what you need – such as tweets, photos, posts, etc.—make sure you have some options ready for them.

Promoting Your Event with Affiliates

Whilst you can get lucky by getting influencers to promote your brand for free (offering freebies such as tickets for their work), you can also pay for them to be affiliates. Each promotion they run, you give them a personalized URL, and each time they sell a ticket (or refer a ticket sale), they earn a percentage of that fee. Earning additional money can be a big influence when it comes to getting them to share your events.

Adding a Social Shares After Sale Buttons

People automatically get excited after purchasing a ticket, but when you add a social share button on the final page of the sale page you can transform that enthusiasm into referrals. With a social media buttons at the end, you can say something like “Thank you for registering for … event. We look forward to seeing you at … on …. While we know you’re going to have so much fun, why not make it more enjoyable and bring a friend. Click the following links to share with your friend.