How event companies find people to run their events

In the past, events used to be planned by the company’s secretary. These days, event planning is a major skill with many event management companies being established—some within their own specialized niche. These companies have the specialist knowledge and expertise that ensures any event—whether large or small—is held without any issues for the client.

But where do these event companies find people to run their events? Read on to discover how, where, and why.


Twenty years ago, universities did not offer specialization in event management, but now that there is an ever-increasing demand for them, they do. There are several two, three and four-year degree programs offered by universities around the world. And every year, event companies will join career roadshows. This allows graduates to not only see what companies are looking for in new recruits, but also gives the event companies the opportunity to assess who they want to work for them, what skills are being taught, and what each other can offer.


Internships are a great way of finding people to held run their events. It gives you an opportunity to see if the interns are ready to move upwards or if they have the potential to move onto a professional team. For those who need updating or specialist training, the company will often offer this training themselves—whether its IT training, HR training, or any other type.

Social Media

Social media has been a big part of modern society. Indeed, it is estimated that we spend 35% of our waking lives on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Most event companies nowadays see the benefits of having a social media platform. Interacting with people online gives these companies the chance to see what is being put forward by other people who are either in the business or not. Photos and videos of events are typically uploaded to these platforms, and event companies can view them. When seeing the skills and expertise of people’s events, they can follow and interact with them. It has been reported that many people who hadn’t been in the professional event planning industry before have been offered jobs just because of DIY events they’ve planned, giving them the opportunity to expand and grow their skills.

Word of Mouth

As with other industries, word of mouth is a popular way of finding new talent. With the events industry, reputation is extremely important—your reputation with suppliers, venues and clients ensure your success. The reputation of someone can quickly spread, and companies will try their best to entice someone with a good reputation into joining their company. These people are usually highly knowledgeable but, for those just starting out, the ability to learn and to be professional is just as good for companies.


Many event companies will advertise roles they need filling on their website and a popular way of finding new talent. Bigger companies tend to look for potential employees who specialize, or wish to specialize, in a certain area, whereas smaller companies generally look for people who can do a wide range of tasks. Companies will also look for employees on job recruitment websites for a variety of specialized and non-specialized roles.