Common problems faced by an event management company

Events can be one of the most important dates in your company’s calendar. They help to promote your brand, get your company’s message across, and help you establish relationships with others. Whilst most events go off without a hitch, there are certain struggles that event planners do face.

Being Memorable

In the day and age, the audience is easily distracted and therefore, it can be hard to make an event unforgettable. Every event must be designed to make attendees share the event, discuss about it, and remember the highlight long after the event has finished. How do you do this? By making a great event, ensuring it goes off smoothly, and having professional photographers capture the moments. These photos can go up onto your social media accounts, amplifying the event’s message and raising awareness of future events.

Short Lead Times

In recent years, there has been a surge of demand for shorter lead times. Arranging a high-quality event on a short lead time can be an issue, but if you give them a longer time, with a budget that has been approved of, then your event management company can provide a unique and memorable event that fits into your budget, giving you a better return on investment.

Rising Costs and Smaller Budgets

Costs steadily rose in recent years. Meanwhile, the chances are, the company’s budget allocated for events has not risen quite as far. The shrinking budget is a significant problem that event management companies have to face. This makes the task of finding affordable suppliers and venues, discounts and incentives to keep the event within the allocated budget more important than ever.

A smaller budget also means that event managers need to pool their ideas and come up with creative solutions while still providing a high-quality service and memorable event.

Environmental Issues

Many corporate companies understand that having a good image goes a long way. Since many people are focused on environmental and sustainability issues, companies are also focusing on this by reducing carbon footprints and creating greener initiatives among others. Thus, the challenge for event management companies is to organize everything while keeping these issues in mind.


Each year, event companies are expected to provide something new, something better than the previous year. Producing the latest marketing materials during exhibitions, promoting services and products via social media, and getting up-to-date with new developments are a must to compete in this industry. Technology is a powerful tool for companies to be more cost efficient and sustainable, raising awareness for the company brand, and used for marketing, and communication and administration.

Having the Right Team

Another problem faced by event companies is ensuring that their team have access to the right skills. The events industry change rapidly every year, with new skills in demand and in need of update. Just like any other company, an event company needs the right team to ensure a smooth sailing. Without the right people and skill set on your team, an event can prove to be a disaster. Event managers need to be able to deal with contractors, vendors, resources, and outsourced staff. When you have the right team, you can be confident that you can delegate tasks and resources to those members without any issues.