Apps top companies use to organize, market and run their events

Stress is a typical part of planning an event. Last minute mistakes, endless checklists, and people screaming that they don’t know what to do—they all can make you distracted and lose your way. Thankfully, there are a variety of apps that event management companies in Singapore use to organize, market, and run their events.


Delegation and execution can be hard to sort out when organizing your team and ideas, but Evernote is a great app to help with this. You can share a wide range of notes and files with your team members—including coordinating travel plans, research material, venue notes, and everything else that you may need. It is a mobile filing system that can be synchronized on more than one device, granting everyone access to the files.


Boomset is a great app to handle event registration, allowing attendants to check into the event with a QR scanner. In addition to this, event organizers can create wristbands and print off badges along with integrating with additional platforms—making event registration simple, effective and pain-free for the organizers.


The Bizzabo app allows you to easily manage all the various aspects of the upcoming event that threatens to overwhelm those trying to juggle all these. Through the app, attendees can join an online network. As for organizers, the app allows them to create a website for your event, send email blasts, and manage contact lists and deal with event registration.


Communication is one of the biggest issues when planning an event. It is therefore vital that everyone stays in touch and reachable at all times. Heytell is an app that transforms your smartphone into a walkie-talkie, making it a great way for communicating with the team instead of using email or texts.


Having a bunch of paperwork and receipts can be tricky to organize. Fortunately, ScannerPro allows you to de-clutter from that issue. Simply take a snapshot of the documents or receipts and then the app automatically converts them to PDF files, allowing you to email them to whoever needs a copy. It’s as if you have a scanner in your pocket.


Notes, photos, guest-lists, and all the other documents synchronized through your devices can easily be stored and organized through Dropbox. The app not just allows everyone easy access to the documents, it allows them to edit directly through their mobile devices.


Successful events will have a large amount of check-ins, likes, posts, and tweets about it. Hootsuite creates a number of streams across all the social channels you manage. Posts can easily be scheduled ahead of time, freeing up important time that you are better off dedicating to your event.


Asana is a great app to use when dealing with a team—the building block (or rather the builders) for a successful event. Asana allows you to assign tasks to individuals from the comfort of your phone. It also allows you to easily track all the work progress as you will be notified by emails.