A career in the events industry? Here’s what it takes

The focus in the marketing industry has changed throughout time. At one point, it was typically about shouting at people trying to get the message across to purchase your product or service. But nowadays, it concentrates on creating and building a relationship with the audience instead.

Years ago, it was the job of a secretary to create the perfect event, but now event planners have taken their place. Highly skilled and efficient, a team of event managers in an event agency can handle all aspects of event planning. That’s why event planners find that their roles are increasing and expanding from the typical organizing corporate parties, incentive trips, exhibitions, seminars and conferences, among many other events. Some of the finer details include:

  • Ensuring quality deliveries and excellent customer service
  • Taking responsibility for the budget throughout the project
  • Managing the events, both on- and off-site
  • Inspecting the site
  • Supporting, directing, and leading the event team
  • Ensuring efficiently-managed projects via administrative and operational functions
  • Maintaining relations with suppliers, and clients
  • Maintaining the time frames and communications with all parties
  • Developing, producing and delivering the projects until they are completed

Choose a niche

There are various types of events that you can choose to work in. Some event planners will opt for a variety of different functions, but by specializing in a certain niche you may find it more lucrative and easier. It can take a while to decide what part you wish to specialize. But if you figure out where your knowledge, experience, interests, and passions lie, it will be easy to determine what niche you want.

Some questions to get started: Would you prefer to work in the non-profit field (such as fundraisers and charity events), with corporate clients (such as meetings, business parties, picnics, conventions etc.), or with social clients (such as retirement parties, engagement parties, baby showers, birthday parties, weddings etc.)?

Create a Website

If you want a career in the events industry, then you need to be competitive. Start by creating a website. Many companies and clients will find you online, so you need a website to show your portfolio, to show your testimonials, your work etc. It also helps your service to appear more professional. Websites are affordable and easy to create; you can even start one in the form of a blog.

Marketing Your Services

A career in the events industry means that you need to be able to promote yourself. Marketing is a daunting part of establishing a career in this field, but there are several ways to promote your event online. If they are daunting for you, choose up to three ways and concentrate on them daily. If it’s not really that effective, try a different method until you find one that yields good result.

Investing in Your Business

Investing in your business is a good idea, as the return-on-investment will help you develop yourself professionally. There are a wide range of ways to do this—coaching sessions, mastermind groups, membership sites, books, online courses, conferences, webinars, trade shows, and more—allowing you to grow professionally no matter what your niche or budget is.